Friday, July 07, 2006

New Shoes!!!

Except my wheels, stoppers and laces are all the same deep purple color. Old-school, white-boot "ladies rink skates" [sic] as the box refers to them. I've had a rather consuming urge for months to get myself in a pair of skates and head out into the world. I tried inline skating exactly twice and didn't like it at all, trained as I was by years of perfecting my technique in "quad" skates (or "derby," which seems to be the hipper new way of referring to them).

And no, I haven't been in skates for about twenty years or so, but I have every confidence that a pair of kneepads and a brazen refusal to accept my middle age status will have me rolling happily in no time. (This time, though, unlike my 14-year-old self, wearing something other than the scalloped terry shorts and rainbow t-shirt of yesteryear.)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Flip Flops

Today's shoes are ones I can wear on my head. Well, my ears. I thought I'd share them because a) I really like these earrings and b) because they were a present from hubby on Valentine's Day, our first as married folks and after surviving the Summer of Shit (hereafter referred to as S.O.S.) .

Summer of Shit, summer 2005 to those of you unafflicted by the horror, saw the diagnosis of bryduck's lymphoma (immediately after the sports doc he saw for the unexplained and excruciating neck pain he was feeling said, "At least you don't have cancer! We'll fix you up, Chief!"). And continued throes in scout's long battle to find out what was going on with her. Along with heart troubles for my dad and bryduck's mom, and the bad fall and break of hip #2 for bryduck's mom.

Anyways, as I think I told y'all in a previous post, hubby has taken an interest in my shoe hobby, and it was a stroke of genius and thoughtfulness on his part to find me some jewelry about shoes for a V-Day gift.

There's something about a flip-flop interpreted in white gold and diamonds that I find witty. (Actually, I think I just enjoy using "interpret" and "witty" together in a fashion context, since it reads like something off Project Runway, an all-time favorite reality show of mine.) I like these better than earrings of shoes that I wear more typically, i.e. 3" heels. In fact, in the last two months, I've purchased three pairs of actual flip-flops which I've taken to wearing around regularly in contrast to my usual more constructed summer sandals... Coincidence? I think not.