Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No title, other than the obvious...

The best family (including in-laws!) I could ask for
Hubby-and his 3-years-and-counting cancer-free status
All our wonderful, smart, funny, kind, thoughtful, loving friends
Not having to worry about losing my job in the near future—a personal silver lining to the cloud of
tough economic times
Kids in my life: namely, two nieces, one nephew, and my own impending baby boy
Smirky is leaving office—FOREVER!
Gay civil rights on the radar—statewide, hope for overturning H8 (March?) and making those rights
federally, Constitutionally, mandated in my lifetime
Itchy sweaters—I love fall; I love fall clothes; I love boots and scarves and wool and tweed
Very unusual eyes—Amber the cat’s, to be exact, and the rest of her, while I’m at it
Inclement weather—we need this rain; we need fresh air, new water and a break from the terrible
Northridge—Cal State; its proximity; its value (good bang for the buck!); mostly, the opportunity to
study something I’ve always wanted to study, even if it takes me 10 years to complete a 2-year degree
Good bones—our house is a fixer-upper to be sure, but we’ve got one! And it has potential, in its


Teresa said...

Hey, sneaky blogger, t-h-a-n-k-s for the shout-out for both good friends and gay civil rights! I support friendship, too, and if the morality police ever go after the marriage rights of librarians, you know I'll be marching right by your side.

Slangred said...

I think supporting friendship and standing up for all kinds of rights are as natural to you as your orientation. Thanks for being my friend!